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A variety of courses in business and management, information technology, banking, and finance are available at 360 Institute of Management.

Our courses are created with the latest industry standards in mind, with the goal of increasing students’ employability and improving their career prospects.

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Leadership and Management Training Course
Strategies for Entrepreneurs Mastering Online Business

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Professional Development Programme
General English Training
Our general English courses are intended for those who wish to increase their accuracy and fluency in the language. These courses are taken by some for professional purposes, by others…
Entrepreneurial Incubation Program

Establishing a new business is the process of entrepreneurship. There is more to starting a business from the ground up than just investing money. The main focus of entrepreneurship courses…

Communication and personal Development

With the help of our extensive course on communication skills and personality development, you can realise your full potential. You will undoubtedly gain the required skills from this course, which…

Sales and Marketing Training

Unlock success with 360 Sales and Marketing Training Course     In a society where marking out career goals is an uphill struggle for professional success, the 360 Institute of…

Advanced Excel Training

These days, a lot of jobs require advanced Excel skills. We provide a variety of Advanced Excel courses customised for your needs, regardless of your level of experience. Our collection…

Microsoft Office Training

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Office with our Comprehensive Microsoft Office Training Course! In today’s professional landscape, proficiency in Microsoft Office is not just a valuable skill—it’s a necessity.…

Young Learners English Training

Classes that are engaging, fun, and collaborative to keep young students interested. Young students may learn and enhance their skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening by participating in games…

Corporate English Training

The goal of corporate English classes, also called business English classes, is to improve professionals’ language proficiency in a business setting. Enhancing communication skills in a variety of professional contexts,…

ISA Training

Anyone who needs to comprehend the clarified ISAs’ principles can benefit from this programme, including audit committee members, university students, finance professionals, and audit staff. This programme gives you a…

IFRS Training

The objectives of the IFRS course are to prepare students to: Recognise and elucidate the international accounting framework’s structure. Key components of financial reports should be subject to applicable financial…

Corporate Tax

For those who want to work in accounting, finance, tax consulting, or other business-related legal fields, corporate tax courses can be very helpful. Professionals who work with corporations must have…

Value Added Tax

This course focus on the fundamental ideas and principles of VAT and how it functions both domestically and internationally. The foundations of value-added taxes are covered in this course. Because…

Business and Technology

The combination of business concepts and technological applications is usually covered in a “Business and Technology” course. The intention is to give students the information and abilities they need to…

Management Accounting

A course on “management accounting” is a type of instruction that focuses on accounting principles and procedures and is designed with internal management needs in mind within an organization. This…

Financial Accounting

An academic programme that focuses on the principles and practices of documenting, summarising, and reporting an organization’s financial transactions is known as a “Financial Accounting” course. Giving accurate and trustworthy…

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