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If you are looking for a place to grow your skills, broaden your perspectives, meet interesting people, and ignite a love of learning, look no further than 360 Institute of Management. We are an inclusive, worldwide community that welcomes you with open arms.

Staying in the classroom, or going back to educational institutions, is a huge deal, and we get that. During your stay at 360 Institute of Management, we strive to ensure that you have an accessible, fun, memorable, and fulfilling experience. View a few of the resources we’ve made available to help make this a reality.

Students Life in


We bring you education and student life in the heart of Dubai at 360 Institute of Management. Dubai represents a vibrant city that harmoniously integrates customs and contemporary life, thus allowing students to live in a brilliant culture while pursuing their scholarly path.

We realise the importance of a balanced student life, and Dubai creates an ideal atmosphere for eclectic learning. Our learners receive a premier education and surround themselves with abundant cultural heritage as part of an active global population.

360 Institute of Management Nurturing Excellence in the Heart of Dubai’s Dynamic Student Life


Enjoy Seamless Journeys with Free Transport Services of 360 Institute of Management

360 Institute of Management has combined convenience with education. Your academic voyage does not stop at the classroom, so we also provide free transport services from certain points to the college. 

During registration, students will be provided with the specifics of pick-up points, routes, and transport timetables. Our aim is to provide you with a trouble-free journey that enriches your student life and academic success.

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Live Luxuriously with Yugo Dubailand It’s More Than Accommodation

At 360 Institute of Management, we do not merely allot rooms; we create experiences. Room configuration, amenities, and so on depend upon your needs. It’s your home, your way.

Yugo Dubailand is much more than a bed; it is your springboard to glory. Your location of residence would be very strategic in terms of accessing the institute as well as a community that promotes growth and success.

Career &


We recognize that transitioning from education to employment is integral to everyone’s life at 360 Institute of Management. As you embark on a great career, we are here to walk with you and guide your journey. We aspire to offer comprehensive education and training that gives you all the skills needed for a compelling business professional.

By joining 360 Institute on Management, one will join an active and encouraging community. Get involved with fellow students, teachers as well as alumni to create a contact list of professionals that will be indispensable in your professional life. Continue attending industry events, seminars and guest lectures organised by the institute to learn about current trends in the field of study.

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