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live in a brilliant culture while pursuing a scholarly path

Student Life

in DUbai

Create a culture

of cloud innovation

We bring you education and student life in the heart of Dubai at 360 Institute of Management. Dubai represents a vibrant city that harmoniously integrates customs and contemporary life, thus allowing students to live in a brilliant culture while pursuing their scholarly path.

We realise the importance of a balanced student life, and Dubai creates an ideal atmosphere for eclectic learning. Our learners receive a premier education and surround themselves with abundant cultural heritage as part of an active global population.

Dubai embraces

cultures with innovation

Dubai embraces different cultures, and our students can harmonise tradition with innovation. In a city that weaves old and new into one, students can fully discover the historic Al Fahidi district to enjoy the modern Burj Khalifa.

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Dubai offers

Global Networking

Having the advantage of being situated at the world’s intersection, Dubai offers exceptional networking opportunities for students.

Our institute creates opportunities for networking with reputed individuals in the industry as it organises events, seminars and workshops that help to bring academia into practice. This ensures that our students obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are priceless in their future professions

Recreational and Leisure Activities

Academic rigour and recreation must be balanced in the student experience. Dubai has many leisure activities, from clean beaches and vast parks to large shopping malls. In their spare time, 360 Institute of Management students can rest and unwind, maintaining a good balance between workload and relaxation.

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Student Support Services

360 Institute of Management focuses on students’ welfare. Our extensive support services include academic advising, career counselling and personal development programs. We aim to provide a supportive atmosphere where students are encouraged to unleash their potential and achieve results.

The life of students at 360 Institute of Management in Dubai is a blend of academic excellence, open-mindedness to cultural diversity and rich networking opportunities worldwide. The opportunity to embark on this exciting journey where education will occur in the classrooms and every student is empowered and strengthened in a dynamic multicultural world.


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