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Sales and Marketing Training

Become a successful marketer in this age of volatility.

360 Institute of Management
Sales and Marketing

360 Institute of Management

Sales and Marketing Training

In a society where marking out career goals is an uphill struggle for professional success, the 360 Institute of Management offers a transformative expedition towards fulfillment

Course Overview

Understanding The Importance of Marketing in Organizations


Marketing has a central position within organizations: it affects not only the profit side but also forms attitudes and becomes an engine of growth. Our course addresses the fundamental principles that underlie successful marketing approaches.


Theory and Practice of Global Marketing Concepts


When living in a globalized environment, knowledge of international marketing is imperative. In our course, we cover both theoretical and practical aspects of global marketing.


Principles and Techniques Introduced in the Course


The course covers market segmentation, digital marketing, and other such principles/techniques crucial for a successful marketer in this age of volatility.


Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy


We discuss the significance of a quality marketing strategy in this module. Study the development of a detailed plan, identify your audience and master techniques for market segmentation.


Building Loyal Customers


Investigate the idea of loyalty and learn how to establish and maintain brand loyal customers. Allow yourself to dive into case studies of well-known companies, which have successfully implemented customer loyalty programs.

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