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Mastering International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs)

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Mastering International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs)

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Mastering International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs)


Embark on a journey of financial excellence with our course, “Mastering International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).” Tailored for finance professionals, accountants, and business leaders, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of IFRS principles and their application in the global business environment.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to IFRS: Gain a foundational understanding of the history, structure, and purpose of International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • IFRS Framework and Principles: Explore the conceptual framework and underlying principles that guide the development and application of IFRS.
  • IFRS Financial Statements: Dive into the preparation and presentation of financial statements under IFRS, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • IFRS for Specific Industries: Understand how IFRS applies to specific industries, such as banking, insurance, and extractive industries, considering industry-specific standards and practices.
  • Fair Value Measurement: Explore the principles of fair value measurement and its application in financial reporting under IFRS.
  • Revenue Recognition under IFRS 15: Delve into the requirements of IFRS 15, the standard on revenue recognition, and learn how to apply it in various business scenarios.
  • IFRS 9 Financial Instruments: Understand the principles of IFRS 9, focusing on the classification and measurement of financial instruments, impairment, and hedge accounting.
  • Leases under IFRS 16: Explore the key aspects of IFRS 16, the standard on leases, and its impact on lease accounting.
  • IFRS Compliance and Implementation: Learn practical strategies for implementing and ensuring compliance with IFRS within your organization.
  • IFRS Updates and Evolving Standards: Stay informed about the latest updates and evolving standards within the IFRS framework.

Engage in practical case studies, real-world scenarios, and interactive discussions to reinforce your understanding of IFRS. Join us and elevate your expertise in international financial reporting standards to drive financial transparency and excellence in your organization.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements may vary according to the country. For specific requirements, please contact our admissions team.

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